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Welcome to the LOA Centre Hong Kong home page! Congratulations to you for wanting to learn how to deliberately attract into your life more of what you Want and less of what you Don’t.

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LOA Centre Hong Kong is a training, consulting & coaching firm with a proprietary methodology for enterprise and personal performance transformation and catalyzing breakthrough results. People, corporates, and organizations utilize their services to generate measurable results in areas most critical to the success of their personal and professional development.


Law of Attraction definition: You bring into your life, career, relationships, health, finances, etc. whatever you give energy, attention and focus to… whether positive or negative.

Law of Attraction doesn’t know the difference between what you’re wanting or not wanting. It just matches whatever your energy, attention and focus is on. A lot of our clients don’t even realize how negative they are and the negative vibes they are sending off. When we compassionately point it out many are surprised. We have used Law of Attraction to our advantage and now share our knowledge, wisdom and experience with others.



How to get more of what you want is a 3 Step Process:

1. Identify Your Desire

2. Give Your Desire Attention

3. Allow It


If you only use one or two of the steps and expect the changes you desire, it would be like trying to catch water w/your fingertips. It’s important to incorporate all three steps and in our half day workshops we help you understand and implement all three steps to immediately start manifesting your ideal situation. Several exercises, role playing and coaching is involved in helping you incorporate all 3 Steps of the LOA Formula.

We offer a complimentary 30 min Law of Attraction Part 1: How to Stop Attracting What You DONT Want seminar at your workplace or organization. We want you to contact us today to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.



“I used to have negative energy but now understand how positive energy helps. I’ve tried “coaching” in 2010 from a friend, because I was in a very bad condition, a super negative person, after a 3 months course, I still not able to turn my negative to fully positive, positive energy was always around 70 – 80% only. Since I’ve joined the Single Happy Hour last month, I can completely changed my energy 100%, since then, I attended networking parties and meet up events, and was able to get more male friends, and you are right “Practice really makes perfect”. I know I will find Mr. Right soon. Thanks for inspiring me this much.” – CW, Office Administrator

“Thank you Julie and Sylvia for bringing the LOA workshop to Hong Kong. After attending and applying your very easy to follow instructions, I have been manifesting many things in the most amazing ways. All the things you shared are absolutely and resolutely true for me. The techniques really work! I highly recommend your LOA workshop to anyone who wishes to take charge of their lives and create results. Thank you for the love and beautiful intentions you give to this workshop.” – CY, Entrepreneur

“Very interesting and helpful. Let me think from a different perspective. This is a program that will change the way you think. It’s easy to understand, practical and can easily be integrated into our life after [workshop] ends.” -AS, Financial Advisor

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