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Gweilo New Year

Even though I look Asian, I’m considered a “Gweilo” (white face) on the inside since I’m Korean-American and speak a little Cantonese (siew siew). So I guess it’s appropriate for me to write a bit about one of my personal favorite holidays, “Gweilo New Year”.

January 1st is one of my favorites because it’s a time of reflection over the past year, a time for recharging batteries, and for setting the next year’s goals. In the past, I used to first focus and put a lot of attention on the things that really didn’t go right or according to plan in the past year. Law of Attraction teaches us that looking at the things that we don’t want is okay, and it’s actually helpful in getting clarity for the things we do want.

However, the key is to do this BRIEFLY. Read the rest of this entry »

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