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Movie Review: “What the Bleep?” Disc 2


What the Bleep? Disc 2 Movie Screening

This movie had some overlapping/similar sections to Disc 1; however, there were some new points I’d love to share:

– Example of Native American Indians when Christopher Columbus first sailed to America: because the Indians never saw a ship before, they didn’t allow themselves to accept/or “see” the boats arriving to shore. This brings it back to us…if we’re going around w/our tainted sunglasses seeing only what we want to see and accepting only the things we want to  accept what other things in life are we missing out on?

– Eyeglass experiment: scientist told subjects to wear eyeglasses that turned their vision upside down (so trees, people, dogs, cars…everything looked upside down). After wearing these upside down glasses for a while subjects’ eyes formed a new neural connection to make these upside down images right side up b/c the mindset couldn’t accept the reality of the upside down world. Because of neuroplasticity, the human brain Read the rest of this entry »

“What the Bleep? Down the Rabbit Hole” Disc 1 Movie Review Part 2

Continuing on with Disc 1 movie review of “What the Bleep? Down the Rabbit Hole” here are some more interesting themes/concepts:

  • Addictions (smoking, overeating, shopping, sex, unproductive relationships, drugs, alcohol, chocolate, etc.)

According to Joseph DiSpenza, DC, an addiction is “something you can’t stop”. He also explains how the cells of our body have biochemical needs or cravings, and that as humans we want to naturally bring to ourselves situations that will fulfill those needs/cravings. So over time, when people become addicted to food, drugs, sex, cigarettes, etc. it is because they continually keep giving into these needs and are not in charge of their emotional state. If you cannot be in charge of your own emotional state around food, drugs, alcohol, sex, shopping, smoking, etc. then you are addicted to it.

In order to be in charge of one’s emotional state conscious awareness needs to be involved.  How can someone incorporate awareness? Through journaling, meditation, mindfulness exercises, and/or Read the rest of this entry »

“What the Bleep? Down the Rabbit Hole” Disc 1 Movie Review Part 1

Wow what a movie! It’s the most thought provoking movie I’ve seen since Inception w/Leonardo DiCaprio. Good thing I had a notebook and pen. Some of the concepts that stood out for me:

  • Brain processes/stores/retrieves 400 billion (yes that is a “b”) bits of information but the average human only uses 2,000 bits of information at a time. Just image all that unused potential! Speaking of “potential”…quantum physics and quantum mechanics are all about “potential”.


  • In a study where particles passed through an open slit: when there was an observer, the results were different. This is HUGE! Because this scientifically proved that with “observation” or what I like to call “awareness” or “mindfulness” the outcome changed. So one can theorize that one can change other types of outcomes with the awareness, or observation, of thought (AKA “intention). Conversely, when your thoughts change your results change just by the mere fact of observation. How cool is that? How great is it to know that you, I, anyone can change their destiny with more awareness/mindfulness/observation? This was a light bulb moment for me!  Mega wattage!


  • Dr. Masuro Emoto’s water crystal experiment where his lab took pictures of water crystals before and after a “mental stimuli” (AKA thought, or intention) intervention. For example, a zen Buddhist monk blessed a certain crystal and it changed into a beautiful looking snowflake pattern. Similar beautiful patterns existed w/the mental stimuli of “love”, “gratitude”, and other positive vibes. The reverse happened with Read the rest of this entry »

How to Make Your Resolutions into Reality – Part 1

How to Make Your Resolutions into Reality – Part 1: Set Intentions and Focus on 6 Areas of Your Life
By Sylvia Chan

As we welcome 2011, this is a great time to set your intentions on what you want to attract into your life this year. You have the opportunity to create positive changes in your life right now!

Many of us have made New Year resolutions before, we achieved some of our goals, but other resolutions remain unfulfilled. This year, we would want to help you to achieve your resolutions and turn them into reality.

When we make a list of resolutions, very often we ended up with a big list of things to do. In fact, after jotting down a huge list of things to do, we feel a bit overwhelmed by all the THINGS that we’re committing ourselves into doing! How many times have you started the new year with a huge list of resolutions, and find yourself feeling disappointed or disillusioned when you fail to achieve your big list of resolutions? How many of you still have the resolution list by the end of the year to see if you’ve accomplished what you’ve set out to do?

Therefore, it is important to create “Focus” in making our resolutions. If you look at your big list of resolutions, you can probably group each of your resolutions into the following main areas:
–    Career: your work/business, your household
–    Finance: your relationship with money, finance situation
–    Love: your romantic love life and your family life
–    Relationships: your relationships with friends, relatives, coworkers, etc.
–    Health: your health, your fitness level, body shape/weight
–    Growth/Spiritual: your spiritual growth and personal development including further training/education, learning something new, etc.

The advantages of focusing on these 6 areas of your life are: Read the rest of this entry »

Self-Limiting Beliefs and HOW To Change Them

As the year winds down and a new year full of promises, hope, and optimism approaches it’s common to look back at the past year.

What do you see? What do you focus on? Do you tend to focus on all the accomplishments, the missed opportunities, or a mix of both?

If you’re the type of person who focused on all the accomplishments made this past year (i.e. job promotion, closer relationship w/mother-in-law, lost weight in a healthy way, etc.), you would be considered a person with high, or positive, vibes.

However, if you’ have low or tend to be a negative vibe type of person, maybe you focused more on the missed opportunities or tend to complain a lot on how things didn’t go accordingly. For example, poor personal and/or professional relationships, stagnant income, and/or unhealthy behaviors like smoking or to much drinking.The only thing limiting you is your own beliefs. If you don’t believe in this statement then it could be proof how limiting you’re thoughts really are! :)

Maybe you fall under the majority of people where you look at the past year and look at both accomplishments AND missed opportunities. It’s okay to look at the missed opportunities. More importantly, analyzing the missed opportunities BRIEFLY is what matters. Have you ever caught yourself in a negative feedback cycle where negative thoughts and feelings snowball into more negative thoughts and feelings? It’s a bit harder to snap out of it once the snowball effect has occurred. Gratefully, it works the same way with positive thoughts and feelings. Would you rather be in a positive or negative feedback cycle? The only thing limiting you is your own beliefs.

So what to do to prevent yourself from getting into a negative feedback loop of limiting beliefs and negative vibes? The key is AWARENESS. You can’t change something you’re not aware of. What kind of things are you thinking about? What are your feelings? Behaviors? What kind of results are occurring in your life? If you’re not happy about it then see if there are any limiting beliefs behind it. Most likely there are. Once you find out what those limiting beliefs are (i.e. I’m too busy for exercise…I’m too lazy for exercise) take the first step by changing that limiting belief into a more positive statement (i.e. I prioritize and make time for my health and well being) and see what happens. This changed positive thought will lead to attracting more positive results! Try it and see! What have you got to gain? Everything! :)

Julie Chiu, RN, MS, CHC, IC® is a certified health coach, certified Law of Attraction (LOA) Facilitator, and an Intuitive Eating Pro® Counselor. She coaches “awareness” and “mindfulness” strategies to clients who want to break free from unhealthy patterns and want to achieve individual goals. She is known as the “How To” Lady – guiding clients achieve personal success and freedom by creating positive change in their lives through individual coaching, corporate seminars and group workshops. In addition to coaching clients, she writes for online and print media and conducts lectures and workshops on LOA, mindful eating, and health coaching. Contact her NOW for a COMPLIMENTARY session today.

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