“What the Bleep? Down the Rabbit Hole” Disc 1 Movie Review Part 1

Wow what a movie! It’s the most thought provoking movie I’ve seen since Inception w/Leonardo DiCaprio. Good thing I had a notebook and pen. Some of the concepts that stood out for me:

  • Brain processes/stores/retrieves 400 billion (yes that is a “b”) bits of information but the average human only uses 2,000 bits of information at a time. Just image all that unused potential! Speaking of “potential”…quantum physics and quantum mechanics are all about “potential”.


  • In a study where particles passed through an open slit: when there was an observer, the results were different. This is HUGE! Because this scientifically proved that with “observation” or what I like to call “awareness” or “mindfulness” the outcome changed. So one can theorize that one can change other types of outcomes with the awareness, or observation, of thought (AKA “intention). Conversely, when your thoughts change your results change just by the mere fact of observation. How cool is that? How great is it to know that you, I, anyone can change their destiny with more awareness/mindfulness/observation? This was a light bulb moment for me!  Mega wattage!


  • Dr. Masuro Emoto’s water crystal experiment where his lab took pictures of water crystals before and after a “mental stimuli” (AKA thought, or intention) intervention. For example, a zen Buddhist monk blessed a certain crystal and it changed into a beautiful looking snowflake pattern. Similar beautiful patterns existed w/the mental stimuli of “love”, “gratitude”, and other positive vibes. The reverse happened with negative vibes. Humans are made up of 60-75% water. Imagine what your cellular structure and immunity are like when you emanate a positive vibe of bliss vs. one of stress. There have been studies to show the negative effects of stress on the body! Another light bulb! Take home message: the next time you have negative vibes towards yourself or others…observe how your body reacts. We are ultimately in charge of our own mood/feelings. It’s practically the only thing we CAN control. We can’t control the weather or the stock market. Be in charge of your vibe…be in charge of your life & destiny. How about them apples, Matt Damon! Yee haw!


  • Joseph DiSpenza talked about the following: We create our own realities b/c we are the OBSERVER of our own reality. Our observations has a direct effect on our world realities. Humans’ attention span is very short so MASTERING the practice of SKILLFUL observation is the KEY/SECRET to creating our destiny. He used the example of a gardener. To be a good gardener, time, patience and love is required to bear the fruits of your labor. People give up too quickly after trying. We are a instant gratification world. In order for us to be an accomplished musician, dancer, web designer, mindful eater, singer, etc. it takes practice, practice and more practice. Otherwise, we’d just be someone playing w/dirt, tinkering w/an instrument, etc.


  • Change: in order to change our habits, we have to abandon old self (leave behind old identity) and modify behavior enough so that the new habit becomes permanent and therefore obtain a different outcome (one that you’re wanting). Our experiences color what we know (that’s where the term “rose-tinted glasses” come from, I guess). Everything has emotional weight to it. Most of us operate from an emotionally detached place or as if we were living yesterday. It’s like that movie “Groundhog’s Day” with Bill Murray.


Okay. Will stop here. This post is getting too long.  Watch out for Part 2 of review. The Law of Attraction Meetup Group will be hosting another What The Bleep movie premiere (Disc 2) sometime in mid April. See you there.

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Namaste (“I honor the Spirit in you which is also in me” -Deepak Chopra)


Julie Chiu, RN, MS, CHC, IC® is one of only two Certified Law of Attraction Trainers in Hong Kong. She is a also a certified health coach, Intrinsic Coach®, and Intuitive Eating Pro® (weight management) Counselor.

Through private coaching, corporate seminars and group workshops Julie trains and guides clients on how to achieve personal success and freedom in their health, relationships, finances, and career by becoming deliberate attractors. Julie, the “How To” Lady, is passionate in serving her clients on “how to” deliberately unlock, unfold, and achieve the optimal lifestyle they are wanting.

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2 Responses to ““What the Bleep? Down the Rabbit Hole” Disc 1 Movie Review Part 1”

  • Alison:

    Thanks Julie for your comments. Yes, it was an incredibly inspiring movie and certainly eye opening. I can’t make too many further comments on the movie itself, but perhaps could just share a couple of things which this movie brought to mind for me….just a couple of things it triggered in my mind that I could personally relate to.
    The first was when I attended a workshop last Summer at “Quest,” a holistic health fair in Devon, UK with scientist David Hamilton ( http://www.drdavidhamilton.com/index.html http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTozQ1OcUg4 ). David taught us a technique to actually help to break down cancer cells and shrink tumours based on the understanding of “mind over matter.” This is a little like Dr Emoto’s experiment, the idea being to send loving vibes, healing energy and most of all, in David’s approach, to talk to the cells in the body and work together with them. Sounds strange to talk about it but if you look at the scientific evidence within the film esp regarding the water crystals it would seem reasonable to think that if the water crystals could change with the power of one’s focus/thought/wish/vibe, then why not the cells in our body, the body being made up of 60-75% water!
    The second thing I related to was regarding the change from one’s old former self with all the bad habits to becoming what you are wanting to be i.e. creating yourself as you wish yourself to be – great stuff! This concept reminded me of a Buddhist meditation technique I use where you focus on a particular aspect eg it might be compassion or healing. The idea being that you strip away the outer layers/covers of your person/veils/ego etc and become that compassionate/healed state…with time one ideally finds they are not that person they thought they were, but instead really are what they wanted to be. It’s difficult for me to put this into words but maybe you can grasp the very general concept here. Obviously I also can’t discuss in too much detail on the technique since one needs to discover it by actual practice (and not discussion!)
    So, I hope, in some way, that may have added some inspiration and extended some of the concepts discussed in the movie, by suggesting some very practical ways to expand your experience/consciousness and to be able to play a bigger, more positive role in co creating your own reality…or in realizing that we already are what we are wanting to be….we already have everything we need!

  • Jim:

    Hi, thanks for posting. I would also recommend Talbott’s book called the Holographic Universe. he does a great job on the whole notion of what is reality, how thought changes it, etc. he passed a way about ten years ago but if you check our amazon people still comment regularly on his book. Thank you.

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