City University of HK LOA and Mindful Eating Presentation


LOA Meetup "What the Bleep?" Movie Screening and Sharing


“I used to have negative energy but now understand how positive energy helps.  I’ve tried “coaching” in 2010 from a friend, because I was in a very bad condition, a super negative person, after a 3 months course, I still not able to turn my negative to fully positive, positive energy was always around 70 – 80% only.  Since I’ve joined the Single Happy Hour last month, I can completely changed my energy 100%, since then, I attended networking parties and meet up events, and was able to get more male friends, and you are right “Practice really makes perfect”.  I know I will find Mr. Right soon. Thanks for inspiring me this much.” – CW, Office Administrator


“Attending Julie Chiu’s Law of Attraction workshop was one of the best investments I have made in a long time. I was feeling dragged down by life and a bit anxious about the next steps in my life. Julie did an amazing job of explaining LOA and how it plays a vital role in our daily lives. Once I followed the guidelines laid out for me and started putting my attention on what I do want in life I have seen so many beautiful things arise in my life. I am continually getting clients now, gaining clarity about my goals with regards to growing my business and have even won a few contests! Julie’s workshop was informative, inspiring and completely helped to reshape my outlook on life and my actions.” – EH, Coach & Teacher


“Thank you Julie and Sylvia for bringing the LOA workshop to Hong Kong. After attending and applying your very easy to follow instructions, I have been manifesting many things in the most amazing ways. All the things you shared are absolutely and resolutely true for me. The techniques really work! I highly recommend your LOA workshop to anyone who wishes to take charge of their lives and create results. Thank you for the love and beautiful intentions you give to this workshop.” – CY, Entrepreneur


“Meeting with Julie has changed the way I look at the world. You attract what energy you put out whether consciously or otherwise…LOA works in a mysterious way, and I am glad to be introduced to it through Julie. Thanks again for opening my eyes to a whole new world in this wonderful way.” – ML, male, Licensed Realtor


“Very interesting and helpful. Let me think from a different perspective. This is a program that will change the way you think. It’s easy to understand, practical and can easily be integrated into our life after [workshop] ends.” -AS, Financial Advisor

“I learned a lot and had a lot of fun. It’s informative and enjoyed meeting other like-minded people.” -SH, Internet Marketer

“[The presentation] has a lot of positive and useful information…I liked the light and fun environment.”- JM, Creative

“I am following Think and Grow Rich [by Napolean Hill] already but I would recommend people to go for easy and clear presentations and discussions with others.” – CP, Design

“It helps you reach your goals by getting past the biggest roadblocks, negative thoughts & actions. Julie & Sylvia put everyone in a good mood.” -CM, Teacher

“Enlightening, interesting, informational, inspirational and it’s free [Part 1]!” – RK, Poker player

“LOA rings true and is inspiring to think we are in control. Liked it all.” -RL, Architect

The introductory seminar “gave me a new point of view.” -LK

“Simple, universal & profound.” – JH, Investment Manager

“LOA helps me realize I have the power. It is easy to understand, logical and makes sense.” -HYK, Consultant

“Very insightful. I learned something different and it was quite interesting.” – CS, BDM

“Showed me what I was doing wrong with my thinking. Very enjoyable.” -MR, CEO

“Logical, clear, good and easy to understand, helpful, very informative, nice & short, motivational.” -KK, Hairdresser

“Very informative and great!” -RWL, Professor

“Simple, interesting & practical.” – MT, Finance

“Julie is motivating, clear, and brings it back to the basics. Being positive will change your life!” -KRK, Therapist

“This presentation reaffirmed for me that I am in control of my life. I liked the openness and it was well presented.” The Part 1: How to STOP Attraction what you Don’t want presentation was a “bit short”. -TP, Teacher

“Everyone should know about this knowledge. I enjoyed learning the new skill of being positive…it was very informative and simple.” – JH, Consultant

“…very useful and meaningful, teaching way is very personal and friendly…easy to get the points. Sharing: participants may have different experiences but we can share with others. Informative: deep concept but is explained in a very familiar/easy way. Follow up: exercises followed by this seminar is good for practicing concepts.” -MW, Senior Manager

“Precise and cheerful. Simple to understand.” – CL, Sales Management

“I learned how to make my life better by changing my thoughts.” – F, Student

“…it helps me focus on what I want, have strong faith and allow it to manifest. It’s practical and simple, sharing with others I liked, questions from facilitator were empowering.” -FL, Human Resources

“I liked the open discussions. Motivates me.” -CW, Chiropractor

“Inspiring and refreshing. Interactive w/notes to take home.” – TL, Marketing

“I left with a positive vibe. Enjoyed sharing my affirmations with others.” -SC, Financial Planner

“The seminar teach me another idea to complete my new project.” – KC, Engineer

“It’s changed my mindset.” – T, Computer X? Manager

“It makes you see yourself in a positive light and helps to carry on your thinking in a positive way.” – IW, Recruitment

“It had a positive impact, and learning more about it would be good. Liked the positive attitude, interactive and learned something new.” -BFM, Software Consultant

“It teaches you about positive thinking and the power of that.” – AW, Recruitment Consultant

“I learned how to reframe my thoughts to achieve goals. Liked how it was upbeat, lively and interactive.” -SRB, Marketing

“Positive, open, interactive.” – AW, Management


Canadian Chamber of Commerce Jan 2011

“It’s going to change the way you live your life. Liked: advice, motivations, I learned more about myself.” -EY, Client Services

“Think, positive, think different, be open for change.” – KMI, Contractor Interiors

“This workshop took time to slow down and focus on what I already know inside. I like the use of symbols, 6 segments [mandela], and journal.” – ST

“I liked how the workshop was practical, interactive, and easy to apply in daily life.” – AT, Entrepreneur

“This workshop gives me more specific ideas on how to apply the law of attraction. I like picking out LOA card, creating our own mandela goals, and sharing experiences.” – DS, Cabin crew

“This workshop is very encouraging and participative. Julie is a good speaker and it was nice to talk about things that are positive or make you happy.” – VF, Executive Director

“This seminar is positive and inspiring.” -AS

“I feel positive and confident to achieve my goals and relationship through this workshop.” -SJ, Housewife

“I like how honest and simple the information was presented. The workshop wasn’t too long and doesn’t exhaust you.” -TB, Software consultant

“I like the interaction of the workshops.” -SM, Fashion designer

“I like the positive vibes, and the workshop is very clear and informative.” -AS, Teacher

“I like the Words -> Results process.” -LM, Civil servant

“I like Sylvia’s enthusiasm!” -JH, Teacher

“The workshop is simple, effective and easy to understand”. -CTS

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