Interview with Michael Losier, best selling international author, “Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don’t”

Law of Attraction

LOA Centre Hong Kong is a training, consulting & coaching firm with a proprietary methodology for enterprise and personal performance transformation and catalyzing breakthrough results. People, corporates, and organizations utilize their services to generate measurable results in areas most critical to the success of their personal and professional development.

Law of Attraction definition:

You bring into your life, career, relationships, health, finances, etc. whatever you give energy, attention and focus to… whether positive or negative.

Law of Attraction doesn’t know the difference between what you’re wanting or not wanting. It just matches whatever your energy, attention and focus is on. A lot of our clients don’t even realize how negative they are and the negative vibes they are sending off. When we compassionately point it out many are surprised. We have used Law of Attraction to our advantage and now share our knowledge, wisdom and experience with others.

How to get more of what you want is a 3 Step Process


Identify Your Desire


Give Your Desire Attention


Allow It

If you only use one or two of the steps and expect the changes you desire, it would be like trying to catch water w/your fingertips. It’s important to incorporate all three steps and in our half day workshops we help you understand and implement all three steps to immediately start manifesting your ideal situation. Several exercises, role playing and coaching are involved in helping you incorporate all 3 Steps of the LOA Formula.

We offer a complimentary 30 min Law of Attraction Part 1: How to Stop Attracting What You DONT Want seminar at your workplace or organization.

We want you to contact us today to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.



Applying Law Of Attraction In Everyday Life

You know you deserve a wonderful life but don’t know where to start…
Are you inspired by the Secret and want to apply Law of Attraction?
Want to know how to incorporate Law of Attraction in your everyday life?


Better Workplace, Better Life!

We all spend substantial part of our life at work, creating a positive, productive, profitable and supportive environment at work would greatly enhance the quality of your life!

This workshop is specifically designed to teach you how to apply Law of Attraction in your business to attract your ideal customers, partnerships, business opportunities and working environment.

Attract Your Ideal Love

Are You Ready For Love?
Are you longing for the kind of bliss & joy that comes with sharing your heart with your ideal mate?
Do you want to be an Irresistible LOVE Magnet?

If you are keen to find your most compatible partner and bring more love into your life, then this half-day workshop is for you!

1 on 1 Coaching

with Sylvia Chan

LOA Coaching Program is a 21-day program where Sylvia will help you to understand and effectively apply Law of Attraction on the specific area of your life that you want to improve.

Sylvia will personally work with you to help you identify blockages and negative habits that have been causing you to attract things you don’t like into the specific area of your life, and we will work on steps to attract more of what you want deliberately. This coaching program will help you gain clarity, remove blockages/doubts and help you deliberately attract the results you want.


  • “I liked how the workshop was practical, interactive, and easy to apply in daily life.”

    AT Entrepreneur
  • “I learned how to reframe my thoughts to achieve goals. Liked how it was upbeat, lively and interactive.”

    SRB Marketing
  • “It had a positive impact, and learning more about it would be good. Liked the positive attitude, interactive and learned something new.”

    BFM Software Consultant
  • “It teaches you about positive thinking and the power of that.”

    AW, Recruitment Consultant
  • “It makes you see yourself in a positive light and helps to carry on your thinking in a positive way.”

    IW Recruitment

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