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How to Make Your Resolutions into Reality – Part 1: Set Intentions and Focus on 6 Areas of Your Life

As we welcome 2011, this is a great time to set your intentions on what you want to attract into your life this year. You have the opportunity to create positive changes in your life right now!

Many of us have made New Year resolutions before, we achieved some of our goals, but other resolutions remain unfulfilled. This year, we would want to help you to achieve your resolutions and turn them into reality.

When we make a list of resolutions, very often we ended up with a big list of things to do. In fact, after jotting down a huge list of things to do, we feel a bit overwhelmed by all the THINGS that we’re committing ourselves into doing! How many times have you started the new year with a huge list of resolutions, and find yourself feeling disappointed or disillusioned when you fail to achieve your big list of resolutions? How many of you still have the resolution list by the end of the year to see if you’ve accomplished what you’ve set out to do?

Therefore, it is important to create “Focus” in making our resolutions. If you look at your big list of resolutions, you can probably group each of your resolutions into the following main areas:

  • Career: your work/business, your household
  • Finance: your relationship with money, finance situation
  • Love: your romantic love life and your family life
  • Relationships: your relationships with friends, relatives, coworkers, etc.
  • Health: your health, your fitness level, body shape/weight
  • Growth/Spiritual: your spiritual growth and personal development including further training/education, learning something new, etc.

The advantages of focusing on these 6 areas of your life are:

(1)    We can be clear and understand that these resolutions or actions that we commit to ourselves are steps to achieve the kind of life we want for each of the specific areas. So we’re focusing on the different areas of our lives, not on the success or failure of individual resolution.

(2)    Resolutions are just actions that we do to move our lives towards our ideal lives.  For example, if we manage to do 1 thing out of the 3 things we’ve written down under Health, we know that we’re making one positive step towards our ideal Health situation.

(3)    When we spend a whole day with family, we’re nurturing our Love and Relationships, but not on the other areas. It is OK to focus on some areas and not so much on the others on a certain day. We learn to understand and accept that we choose to invest on certain areas of our lives, but not neglecting other parts. The time will come in other days of the week to focus on other areas. So we celebrate the positive contributions toward the areas we accomplished on a daily basis.

(4)    It’s easy to spot imbalance in your life when you see that you’re continuously checking off the resolutions under certain areas, such as Career or Finance, and not spending enough effort on others such as Love, Relationship, Health or Growth. Then, you can make the conscious decision to spend more time on those during the weekend. So ideally, when you review your week, you would celebrate the positive steps you’ve achieved towards your goals in different areas of your life and know what to work more on the next week.

We had a Resolutions workshop on 10-Jan-2011 where we worked together and focused on our resolutions in these 6 main areas of our lives. Together we develop the kind of energy and optimism that can help each other succeed in much bigger ways. During this 2-hr fun, interactive workshop, we went through how to:

  • Set your intentions and Resolutions for 2011
  • Identify your major struggles and learn from the lessons
  • Use Law of Attraction to help make your Resolutions into Reality

Coming Soon… come back to check out at www.loa-hk.com:

Part 2 of How to Make your Resolutions into Reality will cover how we identify the major struggles we experienced in the past year and learn from the lesson. Stay tuned!


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