• “Very interesting and helpful. Let me think from a different perspective. This is a program that will change the way you think. It’s easy to understand, practical and can easily be integrated into our life after [workshop] ends.”

    AS Financial Advisor
  • “After attending and applying your very easy to follow instructions, I have been manifesting many things in the most amazing ways. All the things you shared are absolutely and resolutely true for me. The techniques really work! I highly recommend your LOA workshop to anyone who wishes to take charge of their lives and create results. Thank you for the love and beautiful intentions you give to this workshop.”

    CY Entrepreneur
  • “I used to have negative energy but now understand how positive energy helps.  I’ve tried “coaching” in 2010 from a friend, because I was in a very bad condition, a super negative person, after a 3 months course, I still not able to turn my negative to fully positive, positive energy was always around 70 – 80% only.  Since I’ve joined the Single Happy Hour last month, I can completely changed my energy 100%, since then, I attended networking parties and meet up events, and was able to get more male friends, and you are right “Practice really makes perfect”.  I know I will find Mr. Right soon. Thanks for inspiring me this much.”

    CW Office Administrator
  • “I learned a lot and had a lot of fun. It’s informative and enjoyed meeting other like-minded people.”

    SH Internet Marketer
  • “It helps you reach your goals by getting past the biggest roadblocks, negative thoughts & actions.”

    CM Teacher
  • “LOA rings true and is inspiring to think we are in control. Liked it all.”

    RL Architect
  • “LOA helps me realize I have the power. It is easy to understand, logical and makes sense.”

    HYK Consultant
  • “Very insightful. I learned something different and it was quite interesting.”

    CS BDM
  • “Showed me what I was doing wrong with my thinking. Very enjoyable.”

    MR CEO
  • “Logical, clear, good and easy to understand, helpful, very informative, nice & short, motivational.”

    KK Hairdresser
  • “Very informative and great!”

    RWL Professor
  • “Simple, interesting & practical.”

    MT Finance
  • “Everyone should know about this knowledge. I enjoyed learning the new skill of being positive…it was very informative and simple.”

    JH Consultant
  • “…very useful and meaningful, teaching way is very personal and friendly…easy to get the points. Sharing: participants may have different experiences but we can share with others. Informative: deep concept but is explained in a very familiar/easy way. Follow up: exercises followed by this seminar is good for practicing concepts.”

    MW Senior Manager
  • “Precise and cheerful. Simple to understand.”

    CL Sales Management

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